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Apr 23, 2019

This report on asset allocation provides information about solutions that can be used at various stages of a top-down investment process, from strategic design and evaluation through to the implementation of multi-asset and other custom strategies.

This research includes an overview of the vendor landscape, insight into CutterResearch member system usage and practices, and detailed reviews of systems with varying functionality including support for stochastic forecasting and optimization, data collection and aggregation, analysis and simulation, cash allocation and rebalancing, limit compliance, and instruction management. This report features reviews of ACA Technology Solutions NorthPoint IMS, AlternativeSoft, Axioma Portfolio, BlackRock Solutions Aladdin, Calypso, Ledgex, Matrix, Milestone Group pControl Asset Allocation, Ortec Finance GLASS, SimCorp Dimension, Solovis, Willis Towers Watson STAR RW.

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