Senior Management Team

Cindy Castellano, CFA


Michiko Matsubara


Gina McCafferty

Principal – Head of Research

Arnold Wachs

Principal – Head of Consulting

Consulting Leadership

Chanelle Crabtree

Principal – Investment Operations and Outsourcing, Australia

Dru Holmquist

Principal - Client Facing and Wealth Management

Lisa Masten

Principal – Data and Performance

Tom Phipps

Principal – Front Office, Strategy and Search

Shankar Subramanian

Principal – Public Funds, Compliance and Risk Management

Member Services

David Joyce

Director of Client Experience

Beth LaGambina

Member Services Director

Business Development

Michael Conn

Manager – Vendor Services

James Davis

Manager – Business Development

John McDonough

Manager – Business Development

Tom Nichols

Principal – Client Management and Business Development

Tom Sitter

Director – Cutter Associates Europe, Ltd.

Whether evaluating, selecting, and implementing systems, or developing operational strategies that drive meaningful value, Cutter is here to help.