Are you getting the most out of your order management and portfolio management software and systems? We know these tools, and have the perspective to select and implement the right solution for you.

Risk and Performance

In addition to meeting your GIPS requirements, you need external validation and insights into how your investments are performing. We evaluate and implement necessary oversight, tools, and approaches.

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio managers must have access to the right information when and how they need it. We identify and implement the best tools and systems to make this a reality ─ turning data into valuable insights.

Operating Models

Achieving front office efficiency requires delegation across teams to avoid duplication, ensure coverage of all asset classes, and optimize portfolio management processes. We can help.

Areas of Expertise

Front office efficiency is key to unlocking time and alpha.

Independent Insights and Industry Experience Working for You

  • Cutter consultants come from the investment management industry. We have intimate knowledge of and hands-on experience with the front office challenges you face and the support you need.
  • Our team, including former portfolio managers, has a deep risk and performance background and a proven track record of implementing front office solutions.
  • We are a truly independent consultancy, offering unbiased analysis and hands-on insights on the tools and systems that will best resolve your front office needs.
  • As both a research and consulting firm, we have access to the perspectives, challenges, and best practices of a membership and client base of over 200 global investment managers.

Meet Our Experts

See how the Cutter team can address your portfolio management and trading issues.

Arnie Wachs

Principal – Head of Consulting

Tom Phipps

Consulting Principal – Front Office

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