Comprehensive knowledge of the newest products, upgrades, technology trends, and industry best practices help you quickly and efficiently narrow the universe of solutions.


Solutions are not one-size-fits-all. A customized RFP gives you a complete picture of the relevant vendor landscape to help determine which platforms are best suited to your needs.


Thorough analysis and scoring of RFP responses, coupled with strong vendor knowledge, identifies the strongest candidates to participate in product demonstrations.


Unbiased and comprehensive due diligence – including vendor risk analysis, pricing, and contract negotiations – finds only the most suitable solution for you.

How We Help Find Your Best Match


Assess Your Requirements

Cutter consultants will interview stakeholders and analyze your current documentation and data. We identify business processes and key requirements that need to be accommodated by the new solution, and we develop vendor selection criteria.

Identify a Short List​

We help you identify a targeted list of vendors, leveraging our comprehensive research and our consulting team’s hands-on experience. Our insights help you compare vendor pricing and contract terms.

Coordinate the RFP

We leverage Cutter’s templates to develop a customized RFP for you. We then coordinate the RFP scoring and identify vendors to participate in demonstrations.

Manage the Demo Process

The Cutter team creates custom scripts for the demos and manages the process for you, developing a demo agenda to ensure meaningful interactions with all vendors.

Identify Finalists

To identify finalists, we leverage our vendor experience and use objective criteria to evaluate and score each vendor’s ability to support your requirements.

Conduct Due Diligence

Our process includes arranging candid discussions with other Cutter members that use the vendors. We ensure that you’re equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Implementing Your Vendor Selection

After you've selected the vendor that best meets your needs, we can work with you on a proof of concept (POC) and detailed implementation planning and implementation services. ​

Why Partner With Cutter on Your Vendor Selection?

  • Cutter Associates has helped hundreds of investment managers advance their growth strategy through our vendor selection process – quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Our consultants bring abundant real-world expertise, and are armed with our research team's proprietary insights and analysis, equipping you with the latest information, system developments, and best practices needed to help you make the best decisions.
  • We guide you through the vendor selection process, understanding that your unique mix of infrastructure, budget, timeframe, culture, resources, and strategy must be top of mind.
  • Most importantly, we always provide a completely impartial final recommendation. We have no strategic or other alliances with any vendor, and we remain independent and unbiased throughout the entire vendor selection and evaluation process.

Cutter Associates has successfully completed more than 700 projects for world leaders in the investment management industry. Start your business transformation with us today.