Integrating Marketing and Distribution

It’s all about forging relationships. Salespeople need access to relevant data in order to have timely and tailored interactions with clients and leads. We know how to achieve this.

Streamlining Client Onboarding

First impressions matter. We help you simplify and automate the onboarding process by using best practices to gather client data, determine suitability, set up accounts on systems, and more.

Optimizing Client Reporting

Clients and consultants increasingly expect timely data and greater detail in customized formats. How effectively are you managing the complexities of client reporting? See more below.

Perfecting Client Portals and Websites

Online experiences must be relevant and suitable for all clients, prospects, and third parties ─ with seamless and intuitive navigation. Partner with us to stay ahead of the trends in digital experiences.

Managing ‘CAPE’ Data

Are you properly managing static reference data that defines and characterizes clients, accounts, products, and employees? We can help – and address consumer use cases related to dynamic data such as AUM, flows, and performance.

Improve Commentary and Disclosure Management

Managing qualitative data such as text is a must to deliver commentary and disclosures for client and marketing communications effectively. We can help you design the appropriate processes and leverage the right tools to be successful.

Areas of Expertise

The process of reaching clients and leads is evolving. We help you stay ahead of the curve.

Is Your Client Portal Cutting Edge or Lagging Behind?

Does your client portal echo your firm’s commitment to client services? Does your portal need a makeover?

Through our Client Portal Assessment service, we will review your portal across core business functions including client service, client reporting, and marketing. We will also access the portals user experience and usability.

Tailored Solutions

  • No approach is one-size-fits-all. By assessing your unique needs (e.g., client types, asset types, and customer service culture), we determine how to approach your project.
  • Our team has the deep experience and expertise required to serve the distinctive needs of asset and wealth managers.
  • We design customized client-facing operating models, select and implement supporting systems, redesign processes, and build out the appropriate architectures for managing client lifecycle data.
  • Our proven methodologies, along with an unrivaled knowledge of vendors and peers, allow us to quickly assess your needs and offer tailored solutions.

Meet Our Experts

See how the Cutter team can address your marketing and distribution issues.

Dru Holmquist

Consulting Principal - Distribution and Client Operations

Philip Orlando, CFA

Senior Director, Consulting

Neil Sheehan

Senior Consultant

Onawa Promise Lacewell, PhD

Director, Consulting

Chris Stifel, CIPM

Director, Consulting

Barbara Thomas, MBA, CPA, PMP

Senior Director, Consulting

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