Strong data governance improves processes, provides training, sets communication goals, implements controls, and drives agility. It assigns responsibility, creates transparency, and enables continuous improvement.


Data Operations has been supplying trusted, quality data, but now these teams need to do more. They must provide the data expertise to handle change and support data pipelines that deliver needed analytics to the enterprise.

Analytics & Delivery

Data delivery goals and architecture are rapidly changing to address how users interact with data. By deploying self-service analytics, firms empower users to generate their own insights and make faster, better-informed decisions.


Proper data architecture streamlines data mastering, integration, and delivery efforts. With data technology changing rapidly, today's asset managers must consider all aspects of their data architecture in order to achieve necessary agility.

Areas of Expertise

Cutter can help you master the four cornerstones of enterprise data management.

Capitalize On Our Expertise

  • Cutter consultants come from the investment management industry and have intimate knowledge of, and hands-on experience with, the issues you face and a deep understanding of investment data.
  • Our team has a deep data background and a proven track record of helping investment managers successfully evaluate, design, and implement successful enterprise data management, governance, and data analytics strategies.
  • We are a truly independent consultancy, offering unbiased analysis and hands-on insights into the related business processes and technologies used to help you reduce the associated time, costs, and risks.
  • As both a research and consulting firm, we have access to the perspectives, challenges, and best practices of a membership and client base of over 200 investment managers around the world.

Meet Our Experts

See how the Cutter Team can address your enterprise data issues.

Arnie Wachs

Principal – Head of Consulting

Jason Inzer

Senior Director, Consulting

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