Ensure you are delivering the components investors require – charts, tables, and commentary.


Score your layout, component usage, data visualization, and legibility – also key categories for given asset classes.


Gain objective clarity on the current state of your reports and improve your client experience.

How the Client Reporting Assessment Process Works


Provide Your Client Reports

Upon receiving a signed agreement, you provide three reports that you wish to have assessed. Clients often choose to select reports that vary by asset class, investment vehicle, region, or client type. Upon receipt, an experienced Cutter consultant will begin the assessment.

Score the Report

Cutter scores reports along two main dimensions: content and format. The assessment scores your reports against industry standards and best practices. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your reports. The assessment provides tangible suggestions for improving your client reports.

Conduct Executive Briefing

Cutter will meet with you to review the assessment. In a one-hour meeting, Cutter will discuss your results relative to your peers and industry best practices. This is your chance to dive a bit deeper and understand how to improve your client reports.

Why Rely on Cutter to Assess Your Client Reports?

  • Cutter has 10+ years' experience advising firms on client reporting.
  • Client work, benchmarking and thought leadership have inspired many firms to rethink how they meet their obligations and improve their clients' experience.
  • We have reviewed thousands of client reports and templates across all major asset classes.
  • Our consultants are frequently sought after by vendors and firms for our client reporting expertise.

Whether developing operational strategies that drive meaningful value, or evaluating, selecting, and implementing systems, Cutter is here to help.