Cutter has conducted over 80 benchmarking surveys that span the investment management lifecycle. Our surveys are designed to reveal critical insights and help investment managers save time and money, improve efficiencies, reduce risks, and much more.

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Armed with effective assessment techniques, you can track where you are, validate your strengths, and focus on areas that need improvement.

See how you compare to your peers See how you compare to your peers
Provide compelling evidence to stakeholders Provide compelling evidence to stakeholders
Discover and close processing gaps Discover and close processing gaps


Is the right data readily available to your teams when and how they need it? Is it appropriately collected, stored, and delivered?



Are your processes effective and efficient? How many processes are automated versus manual? Where are the gaps and redundancies?



Do you have the right technology, tools, and workflows in place to support your strategy and meet your goals?



Do you have the proper structure and support in place to achieve your business objectives?

Each Cutter Benchmarking survey examines and analyzes ...

Cutter Associates Capability Model

We developed the Cutter Associates Capability Model to measure and assess processes and practices within investment management organizations. We assign each function one of four capability levels – providing you a clear, consistent set of key measures to identify exactly where you stand in relation to your peers and industry best practices.


Firms at this level are strategic, proactive, and excel at effecting change. Processes are formally defined, comprehensive, and documented and continuously measured, monitored, and improved.


Firms at this level are strategic about anticipating change ─ and effective at implementing it. Processes are formally defined, documented, and enforced.


Firms at this level tend to be tactical, not strategic, and react at the last moment to changing requirements. Processes tend to be informally defined, insufficiently documented, and incomplete.


Firms at this level are not proactive about anticipating change, so they only react to change with ad hoc, tactical fixes. Processes are undefined, undocumented, or even nonexistent.

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