Risk Management

Alternative investments can create increasingly complex administration and investment portfolio risks. We help you identify and develop a solution to facilitate better investment decisions, mitigate operational risks, and support investment risk management.

Data Management

Alternatives need intricate data management due to unstructured data, lack of standardization and transparency, and significant latencies. We assess your data requirements, and determine the processes and technology that will best meet your needs.

Systems and Processes Assessment

Cumbersome and inefficient investment systems and processes create roadblocks. We assess your current workflows and present operating models and solutions to help you process alternative investments – from deal capture to financial reporting.

Vendor Evaluation and Implementation

We create RFPs and review, evaluate, and identify the best vendor solutions to meet your needs. We then design your implementation road map, including process workflows and requirements, estimated costs, and anticipated time and resources.

Areas of Expertise

Helping you stay future-focused while supporting complex asset classes.

Industry Experience Working for You

  • Cutter consultants come from the investment management industry. We have intimate knowledge of, and hands-on experience with, the alternative investment and operational challenges you face.
  • Operations is at the core of what we do, and we have a long history of working with institutional investment managers, including public funds, to improve operational efficiencies in alternative investments.
  • We are a truly independent consultancy, offering unbiased analysis and hands-on insight, backed by proprietary research on systems and processes that will best fit your needs.
  • As both a research and consulting firm, we have access to the perspectives, challenges, and best practices of a membership and client base of over 200 investment managers around the world.

Meet Our Experts

See how the Cutter team can address your alternative investment issues.

Tom Phipps

Consulting Principal – Front Office

Shankar Subramanian

Consulting Principal – Public Funds and Compliance

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