Operating Goals

Are you looking to manage costs, increase scalability, and decrease complexity and operational risk? We can help you identify your specific needs and best path forward.


Whether your existing operating model simply isn’t working, or you suspect inefficiencies, we can help determine if outsourcing is the best option.

Servicing Type

Do you need an all-in-one specialist or a single-service provider? We will evaluate your needs, allowing you to weigh the risks and benefits of each approach.

Culture and Synergy

You deserve a partner that aligns with your values, size, and corporate culture. We can help you find a true strategic partnership ─ matching you with like-minded firms.

Risk and Control

Because you still have a fiduciary responsibility when outsourcing, strong oversight is required. We can help you retain control and develop a robust oversight model.

Change Management

Inevitably, jobs and processes will change with outsourcing. Change management will be required. We can help you plan for and manage the impact on your firm.

Superannuation Funds

Managing investments within international markets adds complexity when your firm is located in Australia. We can help you meet regulatory requirements and match you with the right service provider.

Areas of Expertise

Outsourcing is not a typical vendor-client relationship. Important factors should be considered in the selection and transition process.

Top Outsourcing Concerns

Cutter has helped numerous asset managers with their strategic operating models, and outsourcing always comes up. Here’s a list of the top outsourcing concerns we most often hear. We can work with you to help mitigate these and ensure that you make the best possible decisions for your organization.

Cutter's Industry Experience and Service Provider Knowledge Working for You

  • Cutter's consultants come from the investment management industry. We have intimate knowledge of and hands-on experience with the challenges you face and the service providers that can support you.
  • Our proven methodology for service provider selection includes gathering, questioning, scoring, demonstration scripting, and cost analysis.
  • We have deep and unmatched expertise in both operational risk and outsourcing-related risks required to guide you through the intricacies of outsourcing.
  • Operations forms the core of what we do. Cutter has a history of helping investment management firms solve their most complex issues and optimize their operating models.
  • As both a research and consulting firm, Cutter has access to the perspectives, challenges, and best practices of a membership and client base of over 200 global investment managers.

Meet Our Experts

See how the Cutter team can address your outsourcing issues.

Chanelle Crabtree

Consulting Principal – Investment Operations and Outsourcing

William Walker

Director, Consulting

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