Organization Structure

Are your roles and responsibilities well-documented, well-defined, and well-known?

Process Structure

Are you using the right processes, documenting procedures, and clearly defining and automating workflow?

System Structure

Do you have the right vendor platforms and business intelligence tools in place?

Data Structure

Do you have a data mart? Is data synchronized, normalized, calculated, and maintained as needed?

How We Conduct Your Current State Assessment



We review existing documentation about your environment – including organizational charts, policies and procedures, list of systems and data repositories, data governance and management structure and policies, samples of materials, and descriptions of workflow processes.

We also interview project stakeholders to fill gaps in our understanding of the issues. We then provide documentation of your current state, with observations highlighting gaps, pain points, key operational risks, and future needs.


Cutter provides peer insights on how comparable firms and competitors are handling similar operational issues.

We look at how and where your tools and business processes stack up, setting a baseline for your current state. As part of this assessment, you may also complete a Cutter Benchmarking study, and receive an individual, detailed review about your scores, findings, and market trends.


Cutter assesses the relative maturity of your existing processes, organizational structure, systems and tools, and data. We identify gaps in current capabilities versus industry best practices.

We then present the findings of the current state analysis to your stakeholders, and we work with you to discuss and plan for your future state work based on results and needs.

Current State Assessment includes the following:

  • Fit and readiness of existing system, data structures, and technology
  • Gaps in existing workflows and processes
  • Data management issues
  • Operational risks and process control concerns
  • Commentary on the efficiency of the current operating environment
  • Opportunities to reduce costs

Why Partner With Cutter on Your Strategic Assessment?

  • You are not alone. We rarely encounter an operational problem that we haven’t seen before, and we bring perspective and lessons learned to your project, gained from strategic engagements with your peers.
  • Experience, enhanced by deep insights from our research and operational benchmarking analysts, provide you with a uniquely comprehensive view of the industry.
  • Our assessment techniques have helped hundreds of leading investment management firms achieve clarity in their operations strategies – whether manufacturing or distribution.
  • We customize our assessment method to address your specific needs. We can stay high-level or dive as deep as you need to improve even the most complex situations.
  • We maintain an eye toward the future in our final assessment, outlining a plan for solutions that will have a long-lasting impact.

Cutter Associates has successfully completed more than 700 projects for world leaders in the investment management industry. Start your business transformation with us today.