Is your portal user-friendly and intuitive? Or is it a source of frustration for clients?


Is your portal interactive? Personalized? Are you offering the latest, most up-to-date functionality?


Is your portal well-designed? Is it inclusive for all? Does it meet current UI/UX standards?


Are you striving for greater engagement with clients or investors? A strong portal enables more touchpoints.

How the Portal Assessment Process Works


Step 1: Review Your Client Portal

Depending on your preference, you can give Cutter consultants access to your portal, or walk us through a detailed demo. We have extensive experience looking behind the password of wealth management and asset management client portals. We know what your peers are doing. We know the industry’s best practices — and we keep up with the latest advancements outside the industry (where the true cutting-edge technology lives).

If you don’t yet have a portal in place, we can help you decide if it’s time — and what you should consider in the development process.

Step 2: Prepare a Scorecard

Cutter has developed a proprietary, quantitative scorecard to assess your portal’s functionality against the industry gold standard. We evaluate how your environment stacks up against industry best practices and, although we won’t name names or reveal proprietary information, we know how you stand compared with your peers. Our scoring approach identifies elements that are leading practices, standard practices, or those that may soon be outdated due to ever-changing technology.

By examining the usability, functionality, and design, we prepare a thorough report that clearly identifies what’s working, and what isn’t.

Step 3: Present Findings

After our assessment is complete, we meet with key stakeholders to present and discuss our findings. We’ll have a frank conversation, provide tangible feedback, and offer action steps on where you should focus development efforts. We’ll push you to look beyond short-term fixes and think about the role your portal will play in the future of your clients’ digital experience.

We get you out of your comfort zone and thinking about how to create a portal that is flexible enough to support your firm for the long-term—through changing client demands, technological innovation, and fintech disruption.

Why Work With Cutter?

  • Cutter consultants bring abundant real-world expertise to your project — we've seen behind the passwords of countless wealth and asset management portals.
  • Our consulting experience and expertise is enhanced by deep insights from our research and benchmarking analyses, providing you with a uniquely comprehensive view on portal best practices within the industry.
  • Portal needs depend on firm size, budget, and growth phase. We can work with you to either assess an existing portal — or help you determine if a portal is needed at this time.
  • We know time is of the essence. We deliver your portal assessment in just a couple of weeks — start to finish.
  • We help you modernize, focus on long-term strategy, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in portal technology.

Whether developing operational strategies that drive meaningful value, or evaluating, selecting, and implementing systems, Cutter is here to help.