Client Onboarding and KYC

For wealth managers in particular, reducing the client’s onboarding time is imperative. It’s all about knowing your client ─ and having the right processes in place to master this.

Corporate Actions

To avoid missing corporate actions, you need the right processes in place. It's not about implementing a system, but reengineering the current process by rewriting the existing rules.

Data Governance

Data decisions shouldn’t be made in silos. Consistent data management processes that bring together data stewards and consumers are critical to getting your data right.


Compliance teams need to react quickly to keep pace with regulatory changes. Optimizing processes and tools leads to more agility and improves your firm's ability to deliver.

How We Work to Reshape Your Process


Understand Your Current Process

Cutter reviews existing business process documentation, including policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, systems and data, management structure and policies, samples of materials, and description of the workflow processes.

We then interview project stakeholders to fill in any gaps.

Assess Your Current State

We document your current state, highlighting gaps, pain points, risks, and areas that need improvement.

If applicable, you may complete a Cutter Benchmarking study to see how your business processes stack up against our Capability ModelTM and your peers.

Design Future State

We present a strawman for your future state process, including a RACI diagram with actionable recommendations on areas for improvement based on our assessment. And we hold workshops with your key stakeholders to iterate the business process redesign, all aimed at creating a bespoke solution.

Rollout and Change Management

We get down to details to roll out changes in your new environment and then test and prove the new process. We can help you plan for and manage the impact on your culture and people with change management and training.

Why Partner With Cutter on Your Business Process Redesign?

  • Our consultants bring abundant real-world expertise to your project, gained from strategic engagements with your peers.
  • We understand the asset management and wealth management industry and how organizations structure their teams, manage data, and implement software systems in manufacturing and distribution.
  • We know how to make proven best practices work for your specific ecosystem.
  • Our experience and expertise, enhanced by deep insights from our research and operational benchmarking, provide you with a uniquely comprehensive view of the industry.
  • Our assessment process is customized to address your specific needs. We can stay high-level or dive as deep as you need to address the most complex and niche of challenges.

Cutter Associates has successfully completed more than 700 projects for world leaders in the investment management industry. Start your business transformation with us today.