Resolving Legacy Operating Platforms

When you are faced with outdated platforms, the discussion to replace, supplement, or outsource isn't easy. Extensive time and cost are at stake, and the consequences are expensive.

Assessing and Optimizing Operations Effectiveness

Are you maximizing straight-through processing in your operations? Stay ahead of the competition by seeing how you compare to your peers, and identifying key areas for improvement.

Streamlining and Simplifying Performance

Calculating performance in multiple places and with numerous tools can result in a performance reconciliation circus. It's hard to know if you have best practices in place, if you need a PBOR, or how to best address intra-day and multiple end-of-day global reporting.

Preparing for Regulatory Change

Changing regulations can significantly impact operations, so staying current is critical. You need the right ecosystem and architecture in place to effectively respond and adapt to changes, including LIBOR transition, Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR), and more.

Areas of Expertise

Bad operations can drag on performance. Smart operations accelerate it.

Cutter's Core Competencies and Experience Working for You

  • Operations is at the core of what we do. Cutter has a history of helping firms solve the most complex operations and accounting challenges.
  • Our consultants come from the investment management industry and have intimate knowledge of and hands-on experience with the systems that support investment operations and performance.
  • As both a research and consulting firm, we have access to the perspectives, challenges, and best practices of a membership and client base of over 200 global investment managers.
  • We have conducted over 80 benchmarking surveys and research reports focused on operations issues, enabling us to assess and share how you measure up against your peers.

Meet Our Experts

See how the Cutter team can address your operations and accounting issues.

Danny Kramer

Director, Consulting

Rein van Rooyen

Consulting Principal – Performance and Risk

Cutter Associates has successfully completed more than 700 projects for world leaders in the investment management industry. Start your business transformation with us today.