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through seamless implementation

Undertaking any systems project can be a daunting prospect, with many potential impacts across your organization. Our consultants work with you closely from start to finish to ensure that your implementation project is successful.

Our systems knowledge is extensive and our consultants have unrivaled experience across multiple platforms. And we understand you, because we exclusively serve buy-side investment managers and owners, large and small, global and local, retail and institutional, traditional and alternative.

To help you implement new technologies with minimal risk, our implementation specialists collaborate with our experts in search and selection, operations, technology research, operational benchmarking, and consulting strategies. The close collaboration provides our implementation staff with deep insight into industry best practices, business operational models, emerging trends, and shifts in the vendor landscape. In turn, our implementation specialists pass these insights on to you, to help you maximize your technology and operations investment.



Applying in-depth product and domain knowledge, we support implementations by managing projects, analyzing business needs, and improving processes.

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Project Management

Project Management

We deliver your software project successfully—build or buy, agile or waterfall, onshore or offshore.

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Rethinking Research Management
Jun 17, 2020

This report on investment research management provides information about asset managers and asset owners current investment research practices and challenges and the systems that support investment research management by creating, organizing, searching, and sharing research content.

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Integration Matters
Nov 26, 2018

Investment management firms operate multiple systems to support their front, middle, and back offices. We know from our recent studies that very few CutterResearch member firms use all-in-one, front-to-back solutions exclusively.

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Integrating Investment Systems
Oct 3, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Integrating Investment Systems, it includes an overview of the approach investment managers take to data and systems integration against a background of technology changes such as cloud deployment and APIs.

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Best Practices in Investments IT
Aug 24, 2017

CutterResearch members discuss their practices for managing IT functions; planning with the business; budgeting, sourcing, and allocating resources; managing programs and projects; and keeping track of assets. Members share the tools their firms are using to support the business of IT and enable project teams and daily operations.

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Managing Vendors and Service Providers
May 26, 2017

This research explores practices for managing suppliers and provides an overview of the types of tools, data, and services members are using to manage their suppliers.

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Risk Management Systems
Oct 31, 2016

This Research report includes an overview of risk management products, and a detailed evaluation of systems that support market and credit risk management, as well as investment managers' risk management practices.

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