Jul 24, 2020

A Strategic Roadmap


The client, a privately held investment management company founded in the 1980s, actively manages equity funds, bond funds, and separate portfolios for select institutions and individuals.

The client’s application and data architecture evolved over time as a by-product of tactical systems initiatives and implementations designed to fit within the existing structure. The firm realized that it needed to step back and create a strategic overall plan and roadmap for the people, processes, technology, and data to support its business strategy now and well into the future.

The client selected Cutter because of our deep expertise in operating model strategy to help it define a more efficient target state operating model and to benchmark its approach to industry best practices.

Cutter Solution

Getting the client to its new target operating model required our help in the following key areas:

Discovery and Current State Assessment

We reviewed the current systems, data flows, processes, and workflows, and compared these to industry best practices using proprietary benchmarking tools.

Development of Target Operating Model

We worked with the client through a series of targeted workshops to develop a new operating model that included changes to its operations workflows, tools, and data architecture. The data architecture recommendations included establishing a data mastering platform, data hub, data warehouse to support integration of its analytics and reporting environments, and data marts for management reporting, client reporting, and sales/marketing.

Roadmap for Delivery

We developed a roadmap for delivery of the client’s new data infrastructure, data model, corporate actions tool, and reporting and analytics

With our help, the client was able to modernize its infrastructure and gain efficiencies across the organization through the development of a data hub and security master, as well as implementation of a new corporate actions tool and workflows. The client implemented a new data mart for the sales and marketing team that enabled the team to gain insights into the effectiveness of their sales efforts. And to deliver daily and monthly reporting more efficiently, the client created a flexible data delivery architecture with an updated management reporting data mart that eliminated a complex Excel-based data management structure.

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