March 15, 2018

Cutter Associates, a leading provider of operations and technology research and expertise to the investment management industry, recently completed their latest Data Management benchmarking study. Results of the research reveal a growing percentage of investment management firms recognizing the importance of managing data as a strategic asset.

The latest findings confirm trends the company has been tracking for seven years. Of the firms surveyed, 78% now feel that data provides a competitive advantage, compared to 0% from their first study in 2011.

Data is Recognized as a Strategic Asset that Provides a Competitive Advantage

Other developments since 2011 include a 104% increase in firms sponsoring data management efforts at the executive level, and a 267% increase in firms with an established, robust data governance framework.

Acknowledging the trends confirmed by the report, Arnold Wachs, Cutter Associates’ Data Management Practice Lead, stated, “We’ve seen more firms adopt solid data management and governance principles, and assign clear roles across more data domains.”

The study also revealed confidence in company data averaging 90% across domains. But as Wachs noted, “While 90% appears high, what this really says is that investment managers still have trust issues with their data. Would you be happy trusting your spouse or partner only 90%?”

Forty-four investment managers participated in the study, with an average of USD 196 billion in assets under management. The full 85-page report is available to CutterBenchmarking clients online at

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