Revealing a decade of shifting data trends and attitudes

Rockland, MA – August 19, 2020 – Cutter Associates, LLC, a leading provider of operations and technology research and consulting to the investment management industry, released its 2020 Data Management Benchmarking Survey, detailing the data practices and perceptions of some of the world’s leading investment managers.

The fifth edition survey of chief data officers and executives from firms representing more than USD 13 trillion in AUM examines and analyzes trends over the past decade. Survey results point to a dramatic transformation across the landscape, with nearly all participating firms (89%) viewing data as a strategic asset – up from zero in 2011.

“These findings reflect the remarkable shift in attitudes and behaviors that we see in working with clients every day,” noted Arnie Wachs, principal and leader of Cutter Associates’ Data Management consulting practice. “Instead of being an IT problem, data has become a focus for executives who now understand the significant impact that data has on their organizations.”

Firms surveyed revealed that they are taking important steps to meet this change in attitudes and behaviors by implementing data governance, modern data technologies such as data lakes, and visualization tools to process the flood of data. Data science and tools, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, have changed the way firms do business.

The survey’s other key findings include the following:

  • 91% of participating asset management firms have a Data Integrity Group or Data Operations Group charged with data management and other data-related activities
  • 51% have established a data governance framework and another 47% have one in development
  • 31% have a data lake in production, a notable increase from 14% in 2017
  • 46% have data flows mapped and 38% have data procedure documents
  • 91% have consistent data analytics toolsets and 80% have a data science capability

The 2020 Data Management Benchmarking Survey provides a useful resource for investment management organizations seeking to gauge how their data practices stack up against their peers across the industry. Learn more by reading the survey’s executive summary here.

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