Apr 21, 2020

As firms adjust to a socially distant business environment, they are increasingly using virtual conferencing technologies to reconnect. Yet hosting virtual events is completely different from in-person events. Our new, socially distant work environment has taught business leaders that our worlds are more interconnected and fragile than we could have imagined.

The crisis has also taught us that we need a more agile approach to connecting with clients. Our ability to meet clients face to face has evaporated causing investment management firms to turn to new technologies. In this article we review the options and best practices for hosting virtual client events.

Three Categories of Virtual Conferencing Software

There are three categories of virtual conferencing software. At their core, the types of software use much of the same technology; however, the communication modes distinguish how the software is used. Virtual conferencing can be for small teams, used to broadcast presentations to many attendees, or to host reasonably large events.

To learn more about considerations for moving from physical to virtual conferences, you can read the full article here.