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May 14, 2015

CutterResearch provides an overview of vendor software products and services that support the production of reports of investment data to regulators.

In this report, we discuss how firms are organizing and the challenges they face to support the different regulatory reports they are required to file.

Vendor products reviewed include: ACA NorthPoint RIR; AMfine AIFMD Solution; ConceptONE RegERM; Confluence Unity NXT; Deloitte Compliance Suite; Eze Software Group Regulatory Filings Manager; FundApps Rapptr; Indus Valley Partners RAPTOR; Kneip AIFMD Transparency Reporting; KPMG Luxembourg AIFMD Racer; Linedata Disclosure Manager; London Stock Exchange: UnaVista; Message Automation futureLANDSCAPE; Miles Software and Funds-Axis FundWare Compliance Monitoring; Solutions Atlantic Regulatory Reporting System (RRS); SS&C GlobeOp Regulatory Solutions; Systemic Solutions RiskValue; and Viteos Regulatory Reporting

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