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Oct 03, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Integrating Investment Systems, it includes an overview of the approach investment managers take to data and systems integration against a background of technology changes such as cloud deployment and APIs.

We also look at where integration strategy fits with data governance and architecture. We summarize the types of vendors and tools that support integration.

The research examines the ways member firms integrate applications, including the integration methods and software tools they use. We include discussions of systems architecture approaches because they are fundamental to integration design. We also provide information on industry issues, trends, and developments in integration tools such as APIs, cloud deployment, and integration platform-as-a-service.

We provide descriptions of the following vendors, some provide pure integration tools, others act as hubs for data and include integration capabilities: Ab Initio, Attunity, AWS Data Pipeline, Axway, Dell Boomi, Denodo, Eagle, GoldenSource, Informatica, MarkitEDM, Microsoft Azure Data Factory, MuleSoft, NeoXam, Oracle, Pentaho, Talend, TIBCO.

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