Aug 01, 2018

Wealth managers and other traditional financial services companies can gain incredible leverage by employing automated investment solutions as long as they find the best external and robo technology platform and vendor. This comprehensive report offers banks and wealth managers the hands-on guide on how to ensure they find the best robo-advisor technology provider for their needs.

The report provides detailed answers and data on which vendors offer the best solution for each stage of the client’s digital journey from onboarding, the investment process, access to content and research, cross-selling as well as communication and interaction.

The report ranks, profiles and benchmarks in detail 11 global high-profile automated investments solutions and platforms that are there to assist wealth managers and banks to leverage their B2C business. The evaluation takes the perspective of a wealth manager in the process of identifying a technology vendor to partner with on its digital journey. The analysis is based on in-depth interviews with robo-advisors, technology vendors and wealth managers and a thorough benchmarking and ranking of the offerings of 11 prominent vendors along more than 50 criteria.

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