Mar 01, 2018

While the Bitcoin bubble may be deflating, many wealth management clients are eager to add crypto currencies to their portfolios—despite the obvious risk associated with these virtual products. Wealth managers are therefore stuck between appeasing clients’ wishes and protecting their wealth. Meanwhile, despite Bitcoin’s recent fall, cryptocurrencies are likely to remain a key investment topic for years to come.

This 21-page flash report examines cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles in order to help wealth managers understand the risks and opportunities on offer—for instance, Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Futures. The report includes detailed insight into the pros and cons of eight of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally as well as five different crypto investment vehicles.

Our expert researchers examine how wealth managers can develop an adequate approach to virtual currencies as investments in order to appease crypto hungry clients. The report also discusses the status quo of the current cryptocurrency landscape and analyzes the basic concept of digital currencies along with their potential applications and limiting factors in the context of wealth management.

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