Vendor View: Tax Optimization Best Practices
May 19 Thu · 2022 10:30am - 11:30am EDT


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Event Summary

Ongoing discussions in the industry on personalization and direct indexing force wealth managers to thoroughly consider tax optimization, which is required to meet any personalized investment objective. Unfortunately, the industry is not always on the same page when discussing the topic and the level at which an individual's assets are tax managed. At the end of the day, tax optimization results in significant benefits for the end investor and can be a true differentiator for wealth management firms and their advisors. However, achieving large-scale support for delivering these capabilities is more difficult than the industry would lead us to believe. Join Cutter as we host a panel discussion with MyVest on tax optimization and how it is evolving throughout the wealth management industry. Topics covered include the following:

  • Defining tax optimization and reviewing the current state and outlook
  • How to scale different components of tax optimization (e.g., tax-loss harvesting, asset placement, transition analysis, etc.)
  • How to tax optimize households at an enterprise level, and the current setbacks in optimizing at scale

Sponsored by MyVest



Gina McCafferty

Principal – Head of Research

Neil Sheehan

Senior Consultant

Leah R. Bennett, CFA

President, Westwood Wealth Management, Westwood Holdings Group

Kyle Faszholz

SVP, UMA Implementation, LPL Financial

Brian Marchiel

Chief Product Officer, MyVest

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