Public Funds Roundtable
Jun 22 Thu · 2023 11:00am - 12:30pm EDT


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Event Summary

Cutter Associates' Public Funds Virtual Roundtable, an exclusive members-only event, is designed specifically for investment professionals at public funds. The roundtable brings together senior leaders from across the public funds community (including pension funds, superfunds, and sovereigns), and connects them with like-minded peers to share solutions and insights regarding the unique challenges they face. Based on member feedback, topics for the Roundtable include the following:

  • Performance Book of Record (PBOR): While the notion of PBOR is not new, it does have different interpretations across different types of firms. We will discuss how public funds define PBOR, its relationship to ABOR and IBOR, as well as the underlying data requirements for a PBOR.
  • Data Solutions for Public Funds: The asset management industry has a spate of vendors touting an increasing array of modern data solutions. We will discuss which solutions are relevant to public funds, the use cases that present the greatest challenge, and the operating model required to support these solutions.
  • Other topics based on member input

Who Should Attend

Public Funds Roundtable Members Only



Jason Inzer

Senior Director, Consulting

Gina McCafferty

Principal – Head of Research

Julie Snogren

Director, Consulting

Shankar Subramanian

Consulting Principal – Enterprise Risk and Compliance

Whether developing operational strategies that drive meaningful value, or evaluating, selecting, and implementing systems, Cutter is here to help.