APNG Focused Session Series - Derivatives Processing and Collateral Management
Apr 13 Thu · 2023 4:00pm - 5:15pm EDT


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Event Summary

PGIM's derivatives processing and collateral management environment was complicated by manual processes and tools that sat outside of Aladdin. Due to the ancillary nature of these processes, they required additional controls, multiple reconciliations, and increased oversight. PGIM needed a scalable process that would support the growth of their business.

The PGIM team will discuss the aspects of their improvement program's goals, including:

  • Improving Measurement - Automating metrics to identify opportunities and measure performance
  • Managing the Request Backlog – Developing a process for prioritizing issues and enhancements
  • Institutionalizing their Aladdin Expertise – Share users' knowledge with project and support teams
  • In-Sourcing Support – Creation of "super-users" that perform functions previously performed by Aladdin support



David Joyce

Director of Client Experience

Danny Kramer

Director, Consulting

Lisa Masten

Consulting Principal – Data and Analytics

Tom Phipps

Consulting Principal – Front Office
Jesse Nolan

Jesse Nolan

Director, Collateral Management & Servicing, PGIM Fixed Income
Carlos Junchaya

Carlos Junchaya

Vice President, Investment Operations, PGIM Fixed Income
George Gammond

George Gammond

Vice President, Derivative Operations, PGIM
Frank Spizzoucco

Frank Spizzoucco

Director, Derivative Operations

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