APNG Focused Session – eFront
Feb 28 Wed · 2024 1:30pm - 2:25pm EST


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Event Summary

It's hard to believe that five years have already passed since BRS acquired eFront. The APNG members and Cutter team have been discussing integration and its progress all along. Although this integration is continuing at an albeit measured pace, progress is evident. We have seen this through recent eFront screen design changes. Other functional changes have been longer in coming. Join us as we take stock of the current state of eFront, its Aladdin integration status, how members are using the platform, and share what we have learned about the future plans for eFront.



Cole Castelain

Director, Consulting

David Joyce

Director of Client Experience

Kathy McDermott

Managing Director

Tom Phipps

Consulting Principal – Front Office
Mark MacCharles

Mark MacCharles

Senior Managing Director, Business Enablement and Transformation

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