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Oct 16, 2014

This research report answers the questions about what Investment Book of Record (IBOR) really means to investment management firms, why it is needed, how it can be implemented, and what vendor solutions offer.

This report includes reviews of 15 different IBOR vendor solutions, ranging from front office systems to integrated front-to-back platforms, data hubs, accounting systems, and more. Investment Accounting Systems include Advent Geneva, Linedata I-BOR, Multifonds, and SunGard InvestOne. Order Management Systems include BlackRock Solutions Aladdin, Bloomberg AIM, and Charles River Development IMS. Integrated Solutions include Calypso Technology, Misys FusionInvest, and SimCorp Dimension. Data Centric Solutions include DST Global Solutions Anova, Eagle Investment Systems Eagle Portfolio Management Suite, Fidessa Position Dynamics, GoldenSource EDM Suite, and SmartCo IBOR.

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