ESG Roundtable
Sep 16 Thu · 2021 11:00am - 12:30pm EDT


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Event Summary

By now we all know ESG is much more than a trend. It's a journey that all firms are on. Whether you are still getting your arms around your response and strategy, or are well into executing changes in your operating model, we want you to join the conversation.

Based on member input, we plan to discuss the following areas in ESG:

  • Operating Models and Teams – How are you organizing to meet ESG requirements with respects to integration, compliance, and reporting?
  • Data – It all starts with the data. How are you sourcing ESG data? Are you utilizing multiple vendors, and/or creating it directly? How are you managing the costs of all this new data?
  • Integration Approaches – Are you going top down or ground up? Some are starting by function and product while others are trying to take a holistic approach.

This is an invitation only event. If you are interested in participating in the conversation and sharing your feedback on how you are managing the above topics, please reach out to [email protected].



Amy Kandravy

Client Experience (CX) Director

Bran Pathmanaban

Senior Research Analyst

Arnie Wachs

Principal – Head of Consulting

Whether developing operational strategies that drive meaningful value, or evaluating, selecting, and implementing systems, Cutter is here to help.