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Your Challenges

There is always room to improve your capabilities, develop new methods or implement new systems that will help to redefine your operational performance through optimal solutions. Chances are we’ve helped someone with similar challenges to yours. Our consultants use this real world experience and our comprehensive research and benchmarking studies to keep abreast of industry changes to ensure our advice is both innovative and appropriate for your needs. For over 15 years, we have provided 500+ strategies and architectures that have successfully delivered optimal systems and operations to hundreds of clients.

Assess my systems strategy

A US investment manager received notice that their parent organization, a global investment manager, would be discontinuing many of the services it had been providing to its multiple affiliates. The affiliate investment manager needed to quickly evaluate its investment systems strategy and come up with a plan to replace the services that were going away.

Consolidate applications

Having completed several acquisitions, our client wanted to consolidate their multiple asset management boutiques into a single, global asset management organization.

Deliver client reports efficiently

With a global client base, global product offerings, and a broad range of client profiles, our client was grappling with multiple reporting pressures, including growing regulatory demands, a need to standardize reports, and increased needs for custom formatted data for third parties and consultants.

Get my data under control

To prepare for growth, our client needed to enhance their data management framework.

Implement across multiple business lines

With our client's needs firmly at the fore, our implementation experts worked across application and business teams, defining new business processes, and helping vendors integrate with unfamiliar products.

Improve the operational model

A Fortune 500 financial services provider needed help building a business case for designing and implementing a multi-year strategy to improve their operational model.

Optimize my data management processes

Having completed a recent acquisition, our client wanted to consolidate their data management systems and processes and be ready to support the combined organization.

Replace a proprietary system

When the proprietary system is no longer meeting the business needs, we can guide you to the best replacement.

Streamline our software architecture

When multiple software applications are used to manage processes, we can design a more efficient and achievable, optimized target state software architecture.

Transform the distribution process

Recognizing a need to improve the overall experience for prospects, clients, and consultants, this investment manager sought out Cutter Associates' expertise to enhance their sales and client service process.

Understand my business metrics

Our public fund client wanted to better understand their business metrics so they asked Cutter Associates for a customized benchmarking study including an independent assessment of the adequacy of IT and Operations resource levels to meet investment objectives.