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Vendor Services

Advisory Services

A natural extension of our core business is to provide advisory services to industry vendors. We work with the some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investment managers, so we have a deep understanding of their technology and system needs. Our extensive knowledge base is an unmatched resource for accurate insights, realistic advice, and practical recommendations to vendors.

We provide insight into the market and competitive landscape, and we can evaluate your systems and product strategies with an eye to helping you compete. We can help you identify gaps and new opportunities, target your development resources appropriately, and enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

Understand Challenges

  • Pain Points
  • Spending Plans – where are your customers investing?
  • Impact of Regulations
  • Differentiators – new capabilities, product gaps not being served


Identify Trends

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Industry Practices
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Key Issues & Obstacles


We are really happy with the report – Cutter’s positioning of our product, insight, competitive landscape, and view on reporting functionality.

 - Market leading client communications and delivery vendor

Be a part of our Research

CutterResearch reports provide a unique opportunity for systems and solution providers to expose their capabilities to over 200 investment management firms and 6,000 industry professionals. Our clients rely on CutterResearch reports for assessments of the latest systems and technology developed to serve their needs. When you participate in our research, you gain credibility and visibility among our members, at no cost to you. Our members gain an independent understanding of your technology offerings, which helps them to decide which solution best fits their needs.

Connect with our Experts

Cutter Associates provides a service named CutterPerspectives, driven by annual memberships, for providers of systems and solutions to the investment management industry. With access to our latest views on operations and technology, you can gain critical insight into the current market outlook, industry trends, best practices, and the key factors that will drive success. With the deep industry knowledge and expertise of Cutter Associates, CutterPerspectives provides up-to-date insight and commentary on the current challenges and trends facing technology and operations professionals at investment management firms.

Exhibitor Opportunities

Cutter Associates hosts regular research meetings in cities such as London, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Sydney. The meetings, available exclusively to our members, provide a variety of opportunities for vendors to maximize your exposure and generate new business.

By exhibiting at a Cutter Associates member event, you can enhance your company’s image while showcasing your products and services to senior professionals and key decision makers in the investment technology and operations world.

Sponsorship at the events is limited, so contact us today to ensure your place.

NEW YORK April 25
BOSTON September 30
LONDON October 17


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