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Public and Government Funds

Public and government funds face operational challenges unlike any other type of investment manager:

  • Public scrutiny
  • Managing liabilities
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Unique governance frameworks
  • Retaining staff with specialized skills in high demand and short supply
  • Managing the shift to in-house portfolio management
  • Supporting existing investment platforms as investments grow more diverse and complex
  • Achieving a comprehensive and holistic view of investments and risks from external money managers



To navigate the industry’s changes and complexities, it helps to have an ally like Cutter Associates with abundant, real world experience helping public/government funds optimize their operations and technologies.

Cutter Associates public funds expertise is unmatched in the industry. Our extensive experience working collaboratively with public fund teams across the globe, means you benefit from our familiarity and understanding of the pressures public funds face. We take the time to understand your unique situation so you can achieve clarity in technology frameworks and operations processes. With an eye firmly on budgets and timelines, we tailor our know-how and insight to help you formulate and implement pragmatic solutions.

What was most impressive about the project was the Cutter Team. In my 33 years of experience in this industry I have rarely come across a team of consultants as capable, thoughtful, and enjoyable to work with as the members of the team who worked with us. Each and every one was truly top notch. 

- Chief Information Officer, US State Treasury

By leveraging the expertise from our other practices — Operations and Technology Research, Operations Benchmarking, Operational Strategies, Data Management, Systems Search and Selection, Implementation, and Project Management —  you can gain access to experts and insights from across a full spectrum of specialties. Our team has advised numerous public, government, and sovereign wealth funds to advise them on their systems infrastructure. And, when your organization joins our Research Consortia you also become a member of our Public Funds forum, so you'll have opportunities to meet with your peers on a regular basis to exchange insights and lessons learned.

We provide you with successful strategies on operating models, architecture, data management, and risk management, and on systems for the front, middle, and back office. Whether you need to consolidate your systems, bring assets in-house or just better understand industry trends, our consultants have the real-world expertise and knowledge of best practices, industry challenges, the latest systems research and peer comparisons from both the public fund and asset management communities.


Bringing Assets In-House - Considerations for Success

Under pressure to reduce spending on external investment managers, many public pension plans have decided to bring management for some asset classes in-house. Funds that do end up insourcing management of some assets end up not only reducing their spending on external managers, but also enhancing their capabilities to monitor, evaluate, and report on risk and performance. In addition, they can exercise greater control over their assets. But decisions about insourcing and outsourcing are complex, and Funds need to carefully analyze a number of criteria, including the operational costs, to know whether the move would be wise for their firm.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Practical Applications in Investment Management
May 31, 2018

CutterResearch members share their experience with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in their firms. We explore business use cases being supported and considered, and how organizations plan for and manage the bots.

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Cloud Adoption in Asset Management
Dec 14, 2017

CutterResearch members share their rationale for adoption of cloud technologies. They discuss which applications and activities are best suited for hosting by cloud service providers, and why. Members also explore principles guiding effective implementation, share their thoughts about current service providers and platforms, and discuss their use of public and private clouds.

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CutterResearch: Reconciliation Solutions
Dec 5, 2017

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into member practices and technologies for reconciliation. It also includes an overview of the current vendor landscape. Areas covered include industry trends and current practices of CutterResearch member firms. It also includes an overview of the current vendor landscape.

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Automating Business Processes
Oct 23, 2017

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Automating Business Processes, it includes an overview of what tasks member firms automate and how, as well as summary details of leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor products.

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Shankar Subramanian

Shankar Subramanian

Principal  Practice Lead, Public & Government Funds
Shankar Subramanian has 25 years of industry experience in investment management and technology solutions. At Cutter Associates, Shankar heads the Public Funds practice, providing thought leadership to the consulting practice as well as strategic and tactical advice to Cutter’s many public fund clients. He is a regular featured speaker at Cutter Associates member events. Shankar has significant experience with buy side asset management firms, insurance firms, government agencies and pension funds.Shankar brings a deep understanding of data management, portfolio management, risk management and alternative investments. He earned his B.S. from the Indian Institute of Technology and his M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management.


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