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Operations and Technology Research

Cutter Associates brings you up-to-date research covering investment processing systems and operational issues. From industry insights to vendor and product assessments, our research has real world application to help you:

  • Validate your systems strategy
  • Understand industry operating models
  • Stay current on technology trends
  • Reduce risks from systems decisions
  • Lower costs



We constantly monitor and analyze industry trends, technology, and operational challenges, and we share that knowledge with buy-side investment managers like you. Our research reports typically include the following core information:

  • Industry insights
  • Changes to the vendor landscape
  • Where your peers are focusing their efforts
  • Best practices
  • Comprehensive system evaluations

Learn from the Experts

Our regularly published research covers the issues that matter most to the investment management community. Because our members drive the topics we cover, our research is always compelling and practical. Members gain access to our latest research publications and to our comprehensive online research library, covering the full range of industry topics and technology. You’ll also be invited to join us at our networking events to hear the latest research direct from our analysts.

Their research is so thorough that I have never felt like I needed to ask deeper questions on the subject.

CutterResearch Member

Research Methodology

In producing our research, our analysts follow a proven process to ensure relevant results based on consistent standards.

Member Interviews – we interview our community members to understand the real world challenges and issues they face

Detailed Surveys – we develop insightful surveys for members to identify industry trends

Vendor RFIs – we issue detailed requests for information from vendors about their products and services

System Demonstrations – we host detailed system demonstrations by solution providers, tailored to the criteria most important to our members

Unbiased Viewpoints – no vendor ever “pays to play” in our research. Our views are not shared outside our member community, and our reports are absolutely objective.

Armed with this comprehensive, thoughtful, and independent intelligence, you can make informed decisions about your existing technology and operational structures, and know where to effectively channel your resources.



How Can Marketing Technology Drive Business Success?
Feb 1, 2019

CEOs today have higher expectations for CMOs and their teams. They want marketing to do more to attract new clients, serve existing clients, and grow AUM.

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Technology Innovation Pays Off
Jan 10, 2019

It’s fascinating to learn about innovative technology and the new capabilities it can provide. New technology is cool. But for investment managers, new technology can also cause anxiety because it represents a risk of falling behind competitors who can adopt it more quickly or more effectively.

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All-in-One or Standalone Solutions? Finding the Right Technology Strategy
Oct 3, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into the age-old debate between all-in-one and standalone (best of breed) solutions.

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Integrating Investment Systems
Oct 3, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Integrating Investment Systems, it includes an overview of the approach investment managers take to data and systems integration against a background of technology changes such as cloud deployment and APIs.

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Client Reporting Systems
Oct 3, 2018

This research provides an overview of the practices investment managers use creating client reports and current industry trends, especially related to customization and data. It also provides assessments of vendor tools that support client reporting.

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The Business of IT Survey Results
Oct 3, 2018

This report contains the results of a survey of CutterResearch member firms to understand how their IT and business people engage with each other, how IT supports the business, and how firms manage technology innovation.

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 Mary Storrs

Mary Storrs

Principal, Head of CutterResearch and CutterBenchmarking
Mary Storrs has over 30 years of experience working in the investment management industry. She has been with Cutter Associates for over 14 years, first as a consultant focusing on front office projects and subsequently with CutterResearch since its inception. Mary assumed leadership of the Research division in 2011 and continues to innovate the product to deliver the very best research available to the investment management community. At Cutter Associates, Mary has authored research reports in a variety of content areas including trading, portfolio management, transaction cost analysis, investment research management, and market data systems. She is currently responsible for the Research and Benchmarking teams. She oversees all the research Cutter Associates delivers to our members and ensures that content is relevant and timely.  As Head of the Benchmarking team, Mary oversees CutterBenchmarking studies which allow our members to understand how they compare to their industry peers and their relative positioning with regards to industry best practices. Mary holds an M.B.A. from Babson College and a B.S. from Boston College.


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