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Helping you deliver on your strategy

Our Execution Services practice is focused on one thing—partnering with our buy-side clients to help them deliver on their strategy. We can assist you on projects or manage your projects ourselves—whichever is most appropriate for you. We have an excellent track record playing leading or senior roles in more than 100 successful implementations projects.

We have a deep bench of implementation specialists, with unparalleled knowledge of the investment management business, and of the systems and vendors that support the business. We help you solve your most complex project challenges with proven expertise in setting up and running a Program Management Office, intimate experience with the nuances of integrating a wide array of vendor products, and deep experience leading software implementation projects.

We can provide resources on a tactical basis to augment your team’s ability to optimize business processes, analyze business requirements, document specifications (use cases, business and technical stories, data maps), and support quality assurance/testing and test case management.

Broad and Deep Business Knowledge

Our consultants have firsthand familiarity with all aspects of your business. Our sole focus is on systems that support needs of investment organizations. No one has a deeper bench of implementation specialists with the organizational and systems knowledge to come in and hit the ground running to help you deliver your projects on time.

And our understanding of the wide array of complex asset classes can help you deliver on strategies to address the unique needs of your risk and portfolio management teams while optimizing your operational processing of these instruments.

Delivering successful outcomes

Getting buy-in and sponsorship for your technology initiatives is just the first step in an implementation project. Now you need to make sure your organization is ready, with critical people in place and supporting resources redeployed as necessary.

Using proven methodologies, knowledge transfer processes, and rigorous testing, our consultants will help you build a measurable and sustainable project framework that identifies critical paths early on, warns of potential risks, and ensures increased productivity and performance.


Some firms approach execution projects by sending in a small army of personnel. We succeed by inserting key business analysts with the expertise and project management skills to ensure a successful project. We collaborate with you to ensure that the implementation is adequately resourced, that the resources are optimally managed, and that you are fully prepared to take control post-implementation.


Implement Across Multiple Business Lines

With our client needs firmly at the fore, our implementation experts worked across application and business teams, defining new business processes, and helping vendors integrate with unfamiliar products.



Automating Business Processes
Oct 23, 2017

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Automating Business Processes, it includes an overview of what tasks member firms automate and how, as well as summary details of leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor products.

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Best Practices in Investments IT
Aug 24, 2017

CutterResearch members discuss their practices for managing IT functions; planning with the business; budgeting, sourcing, and allocating resources; managing programs and projects; and keeping track of assets. Members share the tools their firms are using to support the business of IT and enable project teams and daily operations.

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Managing Vendors and Service Providers
May 26, 2017

This research explores practices for managing suppliers and provides an overview of the types of tools, data, and services members are using to manage their suppliers.

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Risk Management Systems
Oct 31, 2016

This Research report includes an overview of risk management products, and a detailed evaluation of systems that support market and credit risk management, as well as investment managers' risk management practices.

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Order Management Systems
May 14, 2015

This CutterResearch report describes members’ use of order management systems, industry trends in OMS, and detailed reviews of system functionality.

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Regulatory Reporting Solutions
May 14, 2015

CutterResearch provides an overview of vendor software products and services that support the production of reports of investment data to regulators.

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