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Systems Search & Selection

Investment technology is always advancing.  When you identify legacy systems that need replacing or a need for new systems to support the business, turn to Cutter Associates to help you make informed decisions.  We bring you the knowledge on the newest products, upgrades, technology trends, and industry best practices.  Using our comprehensive guidance, you can quickly and efficiently narrow the universe of available solutions to find the perfect match for your unique mix of infrastructure, budget, timeframe, culture, resources, and strategic direction. Our impartial advice is always client focused – that’s why it is proven and trusted throughout the investment industry.

Perspective and Consensus

Since 1997, Cutter Associates has guided clients through more than 300 successful search and selection projects. We provide a comprehensive process to identify a range of suitable tools from the front to back office that meet your requirements for functionality, timeframe, budget, and integration with existing systems. Once you know all the viable options, we help you arrive at a consensus decision.

Our Process

Tailored to Your Requirements

To build out a framework of suitable solutions, we use our comprehensive CutterResearch Library as a starting point. But we are always mindful that the best solution for one client may not be the best for you. We work with you hand-in-hand to develop a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) to generate a complete picture of the relevant vendor landscape and help determine which products are best suited to your needs.

Comprehensive Understanding

Our experts thoroughly analyze and score the RFP responses, and the highest scoring vendors become the finalists. We invite the finalists to demonstrate their products in scripted scenarios that we host for you. The demonstrations help you fully understand each product’s functionality in the context of your specific requirements.


Impartial Recommendations

Before making our final recommendations, we perform comprehensive due diligence on the vendor finalists, including a full cost/benefit analysis, pricing, and negotiation of contract and service levels. Most importantly, we are always mindful of our obligation to provide a completely impartial final recommendation for the most suitable solution. We have no strategic or other alliances with any vendor, and we remain independent and unbiased throughout the entire search and selection process.


Replace a Proprietary System

With many options to choose from, we provide clarity around each solution's capabilities and, more importantly, how it can meet your particular needs.



Technology Innovation Pays Off
Jan 10, 2019

It’s fascinating to learn about innovative technology and the new capabilities it can provide. New technology is cool. But for investment managers, new technology can also cause anxiety because it represents a risk of falling behind competitors who can adopt it more quickly or more effectively.

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Integration Matters
Nov 26, 2018

Investment management firms operate multiple systems to support their front, middle, and back offices. We know from our recent studies that very few CutterResearch member firms use all-in-one, front-to-back solutions exclusively.

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All-in-One or Standalone Solutions? Finding the Right Technology Strategy
Oct 3, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into the age-old debate between all-in-one and standalone (best of breed) solutions.

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Client Reporting Systems
Oct 3, 2018

This research provides an overview of the practices investment managers use creating client reports and current industry trends, especially related to customization and data. It also provides assessments of vendor tools that support client reporting.

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Investment Accounting Solutions
Jun 15, 2018

CutterResearch last reported on Investment Accounting Solutions in 2010. This report provides an updated overview of the vendor landscape, as well as insight into CutterResearch member usage and their experience with investment accounting systems and service providers.

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Reconciliation Solutions
Oct 23, 2017

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into member practices and technologies for reconciliation. It also provides detailed evaluations of standalone reconciliation solutions.

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