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Data Management

More than ever before, investment managers are recognizing data as a strategic asset that can provide competitive advantage. Firms are investing in data quality to facilitate superior investment decisions, deliver timely and accurate reports to clients, improve operational efficiencies, and mitigate risks.

Data requirements are skyrocketing as investment managers take on more specialty assets, clients demand better and faster reporting, and regulators pile up demands for transparency and for information of every type. We don’t foresee a time when data demands, expectations, or requirements will stop growing or even slow down.

So you need to have a solid data management program in place as soon as possible, addressing all four cornerstones of data management—Governance, Stewardship, Architecture, and Delivery.

But building a successful data management program requires a serious commitment of time, effort, and human resources, who must often be diverted from other priorities. The industry is rife with examples of firms making huge investments in data management, without the commensurate benefits. Getting it right requires the insight and expertise of professionals who have the experience across a multitude of firms.

Four Cornerstones of Data Management

Four Cornerstone of Data Management

Getting data management right is required for an investment firm in today’s environment.  Good data architecture and delivery are important, but effective governance and stewardship are critical to getting it right.

Arnold Wachs
Principal  –  Data Management Practice Lead

Capitalize on Our Expertise

Over more than 50 projects, our consultants have helped clients successfully evaluate, design, and implement investment data management and governance strategies, by sharing our experience and industry knowledge about the most successful approaches and solutions for each situation. Because our experience covers all aspects of the data management framework, we can help you effectively define and assign the resources needed to create a successful data program. Our deep understanding of investment data, the related business processes and technologies used help you reduce the associated time, costs, and risks.


Get Your Data Under Control

To prepare for planned growth, our client asked Cutter Associates for help establishing a strategy, building an organizational framework, and selecting and implementing systems to enhance their data management capabilities.




Integrating Investment Systems
Oct 3, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Integrating Investment Systems, it includes an overview of the approach investment managers take to data and systems integration against a background of technology changes such as cloud deployment and APIs.

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Data Architecture and Integration for Investments
Jul 19, 2018

CutterResearch members discuss their approaches to building efficient data architectures and integrations, including the ways some of the newer data mart, data lake, and data warehouse technologies can help you to optimize the flow of data through all your investment processes.

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Alternative Data and the Expanding Universe of Investment Information
May 9, 2018

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates research into Alternative Data. It includes an overview of how investment managers are using alternative data to generate alpha and gain a competitive advantage through early discovery of actionable information.

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Market Data Admin
Jul 13, 2017

CutterResearch members share how their market data administration practices are organized, and the tools and services employed to manage market data. Discussion also includes processes for selecting data providers, contract negotiation, and tracking inventory and user licenses

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Reference Data Management Solutions
May 26, 2017

This research provides background on the industry drivers affecting investment managers, and the tools and practices they currently use to manage investment management reference data.

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Predictive Analytics
Apr 6, 2017

CutterResearch members discuss how Predictive Analytics are being employed by their Investments and Distribution organizations, and the technologies they are using to support their business requirements

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 Shankar Subramanian

Arnold Wachs

Principal, Data Management Practice Lead
With over 25 years of experience in the investment management industry, Arnold Wachs brings extensive business and technical knowledge to his role leading the Cutter Associates Data Management practice. Arnold advises Cutter clients on data governance and on data management tools, practices, and architecture. He also provides consultation on technology strategies, trading platforms and practices, portfolio management tools, and operational organization. Prior to joining Cutter Associates, Arnold worked for a number of industry firms including ITG, BlackRock, Charles River Development, Fidelity Investments, and State Street Global Advisors. His experience includes executive roles in sales, product management, project management, and development management. He has also worked as a solution and system architect, business analyst, and developer, giving him a deep understanding of investment management system usage and design. Arnold holds a B.S. in Physics from Clarkson University.


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