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Client Facing

It can take months or years to convert a prospect to a client, but it takes just an instant to lose them. In today’s competitive marketplace, investment managers need to provide excellent customer service to retain clients. Now more than ever, client service is a differentiator, almost as important as investment returns. And what clients are demanding right now is clear, relevant information on their investments, delivered quickly and in formats they can easily use. Of course when problems arise, you need to resolve them quickly and effectively, to each customer’s satisfaction.

To capture new clients, you need to satisfy rising demands from prospects, who want to see highly defined investment philosophies and processes, as well as a record of accomplishment backed by objective, relevant data. And to retain valuable employees, you need to provide them with efficient, scalable processes, and an internal environment focused on service and transparency.

Whether you need to improve just one process, or processes spanning the full Client Lifecycle, Cutter Associates can help ensure your success.

Institutional Client Lifecycle

Investment management firms have seen growing client demands for information and software solution providers are recognizing the need for scalable, efficient tools.

Cindy Sealey, CFA
Principal – Practice Lead, Client Facing

We know there is no single approach appropriate for all investment management firms. Each firm has unique needs based on their mix of client types, asset types, and customer service culture. These are precisely some of the differences that determine how we approach your project. Cutter Associates' client facing team members have deep experience and expertise, focused on designing customized client facing operating models, selecting and implementing supporting systems, and building out the appropriate architectures for managing distribution focused data – across client, account, product, and employee data domains. By leveraging proven and repeatable methodologies, along with our unrivaled knowledge of vendors and peers, we can quickly assess your needs and offer tailored solutions.

Master Data Domains


Automating Client Communications

Automation of client reporting is getting more attention as firms are recognizing that how a firm services its clients can be a key differentiator in a world where investment returns are hard to differentiate and so many products have become commoditized. The next generation of client service personnel must have appropriate tools to meet the growing demands of their clients, while freeing up time so they can focus on value-added services. However, taking advantage of the next technology revolution and the benefits of automation will be much easier if firms have well-defined data that’s easily accessible.



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 Cindy Sealey

Cindy Sealey, CFA

Principal, Client Facing Practice Lead
Cindy Sealey has over 25 years of experience in the investment management industry. She has consulted to investment firms on their institutional sales & client service practices, operations, data management, and strategic technology direction. Cindy has conducted system searches for client reporting, RFP, CRM, performance, accounting, performance, portfolio management, risk management, equity research, and GIPS composite systems. Prior to joining Cutter Associates, Cindy served as Vice President and Head of Operations for a division of Guggenheim Investments, where she led mutual fund accounting and administration; institutional accounting, billing, and client reporting; SMA operations, performance reporting (GIPS®); fixed income performance, attribution and risk reporting; fixed income investment team support, insurance reporting, asset management technology, and equity and fixed income trade settlement. Cindy holds a B.B.A. from Washburn University and is a CFA® charterholder.


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