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We benchmark everyday. Our consultants are gauging operations practices out in the field. Our analysts are comparing systems functionality through research and vendor demos. Because we are continuously exposed to technology advances, operations practices, and industry trends, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with a detailed understanding of how you stack up to your peers, from many different angles.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is more important than ever for investment firms to have a good understanding of their position relative to their peers.  It is good to know how effective your firm’s processes are, but even better to know how and where you can focus resources for improvement.

CutterBenchmarking is the leading benchmarking service that focuses on investment systems and operations. We provide a meaningful perspective that enables firms to compare their investment processes to their peers and to “best in class” capabilities.

Current Study

Performance Measurement and Attribution

In today’s competitive and increasingly global economy, investment managers are focused on retaining clients by delivering and reporting on strong portfolio performance. This CutterBenchmarking study on Performance Measurement and Attribution (PMA) focuses on the systems, processes, and organization required to accurately measure performance and effectively publish results for internal and external consumers. The resulting report will tell you everything you need to know about your firm’s PMA capabilities and effectiveness. It will also provide insights into trends recorded since our last survey on this topic in 2015. 

Report Contents

Participants will know where they stand compared to peer firms and to the Cutter Associates Capability Model. The study explores your firm’s capabilities in these key categories:

Your focus on and oversight of performance processes, including a reflection of the expertise of your staff and management

The rigor with which Performance Measurement and Attribution calculations are produced and validated, the frequency and timing of results, and GIPS Compliance (where applicable)

Your capabilities for producing effective performance reports for internal and external consumers

Data Management
Your processes for managing performance and benchmark data including sourcing, validation, and storage

Your tools and systems architecture supporting performance 

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