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Networking Events

Cutter Associates holds many exclusive, members-only events every year, in person and online, where Cutter staff and members share expert insights into the latest developments in buy-side investment operations and technology.


Our online events include frequent CutterCasts, in which our members collaborate, ask questions, and share their knowledge and best practices from the convenience of their desks. These events feature subject matter experts from both Cutter Associates and member firms, addressing the topics and issues that are top of mind for our member community.



Our in-person events include CutterResearch meetings, held regularly in global financial centers, that provide a congenial environment for learning and sharing with industry peers.

Members hear presentations by our research analysts on topics identified by members as the most timely and imperative. Members also participate in moderated forums, and preview a sampling of the latest technology solutions. Other in-person events for different member segments include regular seminars and roundtables.


Excellent forum and extremely worthwhile both from a content perspective and a networking perspective.

Mark Carroll, Senior Vice President – Business Risk Officer
Income Research + Management


Linda Bertone

Linda Bertone

Principal, Client Services
Linda Bertone brings over 25 years of experience in relationship management, consulting services, and organizational leadership in both the asset management community and investment software industry.  Linda joined Cutter Associates in 2011 and is responsible for relationship management and for planning and facilitating our member meetings and events.  In addition, Linda serves as the moderator and coordinator for CutterCasts, our regular member webcasts. Linda holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Tufts University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


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