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CutterResearch Member Meeting

May 19, 2020 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM     Amsterdam

Transformative Times in Asset Management: Connect with your contemporaries in the operations and technology divisions of leading asset management firms.



Join us and your peers for expert insight into the latest industry challenges, based on new research findings, including:


Order Management Systems – OMS vendors are extending their product capabilities across the investment management lifecycle and including extensive managed services. Cloud-based solutions, improved integration, user experience (UX), and automation are at the forefront of development as vendors fight for market share. This research discusses how the vendor landscape has changed over the years and provides detailed reviews of order management solutions. We look at both large front-to-back solutions and smaller, more niche products.

Data Science and Analytics for Front Office – More and more portfolio managers and analysts are incorporating data science tools into their security screening and selection processes. This research examines how firms can best organize to support this front office activity, what roles IT and data management should play, and the tools and skill sets that can help.

Research Management – Investment management firms manage an ever-increasing volume and an ever-wider variety of structured and unstructured investment research information. In this research, we examine trends with organizational structure, processes, and modern technology that store, retrieve, track, and share information to help investment managers make decisions faster and more efficiently.





Our exclusive members-only event brings together industry leaders from across the global asset management community and gives you the opportunity to connect and share best practices with your peers from leading asset management firms – including institutional managers, insurance companies, and public pension plans. This event is designed specifically for operations and technology professionals.






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