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CutterResearch Member Meeting

Oct 17, 2019 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM     London

Connect with your contemporaries in the operations and technology divisions of leading asset management firms



Join us and your peers for expert insight into the latest industry challenges, based on new research findings including:

Alternative Investments – Private equity, real estate, infrastructure and other alternative assets present very different challenges from their traditional investment counterparts. We will discuss the systems that supports these assets, and how the vendor landscape has changed.

ESG Investing – The broad range of areas covered, the lack of global reporting standards, and the difficulty of gathering high quality information can be overwhelming.  We will explore the increasing demand for ESG investing, how investment managers are responding and embedding ESG into their organization and processes, and uncover the service providers that specialize in supporting this growing market.

Governance, Risk & Compliance – Designing and implementing an integrated approach to GRC is not easy.  It involves aligning people, process and technology with your company’s evolving risk appetite, internal policies, and changing regulations. We will cover current industry practices and obstacles, identify systems and the types of risk they manage, and highlight and assess system capabilities and advantages.



Our exclusive members-only event brings together industry leaders from across the global asset management community and gives you the opportunity to connect and share best practices with your peers from leading asset management firms – including institutional managers, insurance companies, and public pension plans. This event is designed specifically for operations and technology professionals.




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