Jun 01, 2018

Desktop isn’t dead! With the push for mobile-first web presences, some wealth management desktop sites have been left to gather dust. Outdated content, static design, needlessly complex navigation and a lack of core features greatly reduces the usability of these sites. However, many clients still use these portals regularly—and a flexible, interactive, and dynamic website that builds dialogue between client and bank is a must.

This report tells you all you need to know for revamping an old, static site into a dynamic web presence that caters to the specific needs of wealthy individuals. Our research team of technology and industry experts analyzed, in detail, the strengths and weaknesses of the private banking and wealth management desktop and mobile websites of 21 leading wealth managers worldwide (see full list below). The report provides an assessment of, and recommendations for, each website and for the wealth management industry as a whole.

The report ranks the web presence (desktop and mobile) offered by each of the 21 wealth manager based on 35 criteria for the desktop websites and 9 criteria for the mobile websites. The evaluation examines user-friendliness, the quality of the content and the contact options, and interactivity offered by the wealth management desktop and mobile websites of each wealth manager. Based on this thorough, data-driven analysis, the report derives 15 best practices of wealth managers’ websites and provides strategic and practical recommendations for creating desktop and mobile websites that can engage both new and existing wealthy clients.

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