Oct 01, 2015

This report explores more than 50 crowdfunding platforms that are of strong relevance for the wealth management industry and analyzed in-depth 14 crowdfunding platforms in the sectors of donation and reward-based crowdfunding, marketplace lending, P2B lending and equity crowdinvesting. In addition, the report includes comprehensive profiles of three providers of support infrastructure that are highly relevant for the crowdfunding industry.

Furthermore, the report offers an extensive analysis of the status and future of crowdfunding markets in wealth management, discusses several market size prognoses (including one by MyPrivatebanking Research), strategic considerations for wealth managers in relation to crowdfunding, an introduction to the technology platforms used by crowdfunders and, finally, MyPrivateBanking’s recommendations for wealth managers and crowdfunding platforms. The report was not commissioned by any vendor or bank and has been conducted completely independently.

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