Oct 20, 2015

Market data is a strategic asset; a successful data management program calls for a team of highly-skilled specialists.

Market data is the foundation of every investment decision. Investment managers can never get enough of it, and can never get it fast enough. Along with the recent growth in new investment products and regulatory requirements for increased transparency, comes the demand for additional, often unique types of market data. Market data providers are scrambling to respond with new products to meet these needs, but like any commodity in high demand, market data is expensive. With all these new developments, investment management professionals are getting anxious, and they’re pitching tough questions at their market data managers.

  • With so many providers, which one should we choose?
  • A new regulation requires additional market data for reporting. What do we do?
  • With so many market data agreements now, how do we know if we’re properly licensed?

Sometimes it seems like acquiring, cleansing, interpreting, normalizing, distributing, and overseeing all that data requires skills not typically found in an individual human being. Sometimes it seems like we need a team of Super Heroes.

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