Jan 22, 2019

Robo advisory no longer focuses only on capturing the mass-affluent investor. Wealthy clients are now demanding automated services as well. In search of higher returns, Fintechs are tailoring their service offerings to cater to the needs and demands of high net worth clients.

At first a tech-only offer with a strong emphasis on complete automation, robo advisory has since branched out into the (human) advisor field and so-called “hybrid” platforms are starting to dominate the scene. Originally, automated investments were targeted at the mass affluent investor; however, these services have rapidly evolved and diversified to appeal to wealthier clients.

This flash report examines how robo advisory offerings are expanding their services to suit the complex and diverse financial needs of high net worth clients. The report also identifies approaches tailored to specific segments within high net worth and provides examples of robo advisory offerings that cater to wealthy clients.

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