Jul 03, 2017

UHNW clients, defined as those with at least US$25 million in investable assets, are the most valuable of wealth segments, but they are also increasingly diverse and the most complex to serve in today’s rapidly changing, technology-charged environment. This report (plus two additional data supplements) evaluates and ranks the digital offerings targeted at ultra-high-net-worth clients by 12 of the leading private banks and wealth managers worldwide and identifies the leaders of the current digital transformation.

The evaluation was conducted on the basis of over 20 different criteria, divided into eight functional categories such as appeal of mobile app and website for UHNWs, exclusive online functions, targeted education and lifestyle content and innovation. The report describes the current and future digital needs of ultra-wealthy clients and provides several case studies and best practices of technology innovation from wealth managers for the ultra-rich as well as adjacent industries such as high-end luxury. Based on these findings, the report provides a detailed guide on how to engage the elusive elite online.

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