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We help firms navigate the technology and operational needs throughout the client-advisor lifecycle, through insightful research and strategy consulting services.

Wealth management firms today are focused on organic growth, driving efficiency through scale, automating operations, and leading with a digital, client-centric experience.

At the same time, the wealth management industry is changing dramatically due to regulations, fintech innovation, and the arrival of the modern investor. Wealth managers are under pressure to meet increasing client demands for low cost investment strategies, greater transparency, faster data access, and intuitive digital experiences.

Through research and consulting, Cutter Wealth helps wealth managers make smarter decisions about technology and operations across the wealth management lifecycle.




Wealth managers know they need to respond rapidly and evolve effectively to meet emerging client demands for a high-touch, goal-oriented, digital experience, while remaining focused on their clients’ long-term financial and life objectives.

Through research and consulting, we help wealth managers make smarter decisions about technology and operations throughout the wealth management lifecycle.


Cutter Wealth brings you up-to-date research on industry trends, new technologies, and vended solutions that impact the advisor-client lifecycle. The research provides practical strategies and solutions to help you meet real-world challenges including these:


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Firms engage Cutter Wealth Consulting to help them achieve business goals using streamlined operating models, strategic digital strategy projects, vendor analysis and selection, and data management analysis. We can drive increased productivity and performance across your enterprise by helping you do the following:




Our online newsletter, Wealth Trends,  delivers thought leadership on key trends and disruption points that will reshape wealth management through the early 2020s.

The Wealth Trends series will initially focus on the industry metatrends of ecosystem convergence, increased automation, and the search for alternative forms of revenue. For forward-thinking commentary on the intersection of wealth management and digital technologies, join the conversation.

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The Role of Ethics in the Deployment of Artificial Intelligence
Apr 15, 2021

This research examines the ethical pitfalls wealth managers could face when deploying AI technology.

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Wealth Management in China – Growing Wealth, Less Complexity?
Mar 17, 2021

This research aims to take a differentiated look at the Chinese and Hong Kong wealth management markets, discuss the market environment and recent developments, and outline the “culture of wealth,” i.e., client preferences, requirements, and expectations distinct to this region.

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Leveraging AI and Automation for Client Acquisition - Executive Summary
Mar 4, 2021

Client acquisition is a pain point for many wealth managers as prospecting remains time consuming, expensive, and mostly manual. Automating client acquisition workflows—specifically focusing on marketing automation—can help ease this pain by reducing the repetition in sales tasks, by increasing the number of “warm” leads, and by decreasing overall client acquisition costs. This executive summary highlights the findings of our research report and includes a replay of the member meeting presentation.

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Leveraging AI and Automation for Client Acquisition
Feb 24, 2021

This research examines the common applications for automation and AI-driven technology in the wealth management client acquisition process and also addresses common challenges wealth managers face when using automation.

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Leveraging AI and Automation for Client Acquisition - Key Insights
Feb 24, 2021

Easy to share slide deck with Key Insights from our research on Leveraging AI and Automation for Client Acquisition

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Trust Accounting Systems - Executive Summary
Feb 10, 2021

Trust accounting systems are the cornerstone platform of wealth management firms under trust bank charter. This executive summary highlights the findings of our research report and includes a replay of the member meeting presentation.

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Gina McCafferty

Gina McCafferty

Principal, Head of Research
Gina McCafferty has 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. She served at Cutter from 1999 to 2011 as Principal and Managing Director of CutterResearch, and she was instrumental in growing that business. Gina returned to Cutter in 2017, and established and ran the company’s Wealth Management research division. In 2019, she was appointed to Head of Research, responsible for Asset Management and Wealth Management product development and delivery to over 200 member firms around the globe. Gina was previously at Investit Ltd., where she served for six years as head of the company’s research service. Prior to that, she held senior positions at DST International with product responsibility for their global accounting and performance measurement systems, and at SunGard as Vice President of Client Services for their securities trading products.


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