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Cutter AdvantEdge

The Cutter AdvantEdge is our regularly published newsletter presenting our latest insights on issues impacting investment technology and operations.


September 17, 2014
IBOR: Many Answers to Many Problems?

IBOR may be a common term but it is not an end goal in itself. The real goal is the delivery of accurate information to business users throughout the day, such that they can make the best possible decisions without having to maintain the data themselves.

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June 30, 2014
The True Cost of Market Data: Operational Impacts

Investment management firms require more data and increasingly complex data, but they also want help understanding what their costs are and how to manage them more effectively.

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March 4, 2014
Buy-Side Investment Strategy Bifurcation: Operational Impacts

As investment management firms diversify their product offerings by acquiring or building out specialty assets, how are they effectively supporting them?

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