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Cutter AdvantEdge

The Cutter AdvantEdge is our regularly published newsletter presenting our latest insights on issues impacting investment technology and operations.


November 15, 2012
Making it a Reality - Permanent Cost and Risk Reduction

A simplified operating model, in addition to saving money, reduces complexity and risk.

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August 15, 2012
Metrics for the Business

A Cutter AdvantEdge article on metric analysis - an invaluable tool for optimizing your business, reducing costs, mitigating risk and delivering added value.

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June 20, 2012
Benchmarks – Not a Word But a Sentence?

Find out why benchmark data management is difficult and becoming more challenging and how to effectively tackle the problem.

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April 19, 2012
Enhancing the Client Facing Service

To improve the client lifecycle, align processes and exceed customer expectations, client service and relationship managers need to be able to capture accurate real-time data and have access to the right tools and interfaces for increased transparency.

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February 29, 2012
Where is Your IBOR?

High quality position data is critical for effective portfolio management, but receiving this data in a timely fashion from separate platforms has often proved challenging for many investment management firms.

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January 19, 2012
Hope and Fear…The Outlook for 2012

If 2011 was The Year of Living Dangerously, then we should expect more of the same for 2012.

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