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CutterBenchmarking: Trading Compliance

March 2, 2016

Trading Compliance is a vital part of an investment management firm's overall Compliance Program. Investment firms must employ compliance programs pursuant to Regulators' requirements, and they need an effective compliance engine to maintain and enforce portfolio-specific mandates. In recent years, we have seen headlines regarding breaches of legal and ethical standards, including rogue and insider trading, inept compliance oversight, technology failures, and lax record keeping. You certainly do not want to see for your firm's name in those headlines. This survey assesses the Trading Compliance capabilities that firms have implemented to prevent, identify, monitor, manage, resolve, and report potential and actual violations. Robust Trade Compliance can go a long way toward protecting your firm's assets, reputation, and integrity.

The survey covers:

Compliance Organization - The role of Chief Compliance Officer and the function of compliance rules oversight
Technology and Security - Compliance system usage, trading surveillance, and cyber security
Compliance Management - The rules approval process, violations management, and compliance policies
Trading Desk Compliance - Best execution policies, brokerage oversight, and trading desk procedures
Monitoring - Compliance checks, violations tracking, and record keeping

To participate in the survey or for further details, please contact us.

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